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Learn how to paint a self portrait in acrylic paint. You will have all your materials provided and receive expert tuition and guidance throughout the class.
Self Portrait Class
Started Oct 25, 2021

This informal portrait painting course is 4 x 3 hour sessions to start on a Monday in the artist's garden studio. You will learn how to draw  and paint your portrait accurately, adding character and context. Materials are all included, but you will need a photo or a mirror to work from.

This portrait painting course is for either individuals or pairs (at £200 each). The aim of this course is to have a finished portrait painting, having gained some techniques of portraiture which will build confidence to experiment and develop as artists in the future.

Week 1

Introduction: mediums, methods and techniques. Guidance on composition. content and sketching.

Your portrait sketch will be ready to transfer to a canvas.

Week 2

Stage 1 Painting: setting up a portrait palette, mixing colours, underpainting. 


You will be ready to lay the foundations of your portrait.

Week 3

Stage 2 Painting:  concentrating on facial features, using layering to build up structure, shadows and light.


Your portrait will be ready for those finishing touches.

Week 4

Finishing the Painting: adjusting the features, adding final details, evaluation and reflection.

You will reflect on what you achieved and how to progress.

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