Victoria Stanway - Contemporary Artist

Victoria Stanway became a professional artist in 2008 to meet demand for her paintings. Working from her studio in Oxfordshire her practice has focused predominantly on the  landscape in various forms and methods. Her first series of work entitled 'Landscapes of the Mind'. are inspired by a combination of fading memories, and dreams, often citing references from her past, conjuring mindscapes that are thought provoking and emotive.


Victoria comments on her motivation for this first series.


"I grew up in a dying milltown in east Lancashire, which consisted of rows and rows of back to back terraces, redundant textile mills, and factories all crammed in together in a chaotic fashion, but it was surrounded by luminous countryside which I would escape to. These paintings are often fragmented, contrasting and blurring the references,  reflecting my feelings towards them.


You can sometimes see reoccurring symbols in the paintings, such as buildings and windows, often with strange characters I remember from my youth lurking in the shadows. The terraced houses represent oppressive, claustrophobic, restricting memories, of feeling stifled and hemmed in as a child. I take these ideas further in some paintings, constructing narratives which have had a cathartic impact on my practice"

To the left you can see an example of Victoria's early landscape work. In her painting No Way Out, the artist has used cubist sensibilities to reflect a sense of chaos and oppression by depicting the terrace streets in a multi-dimensional and labyrinth fashion. The colour pallet of mainly cold blues and greens are an expression of an emotional distance, with flashes of menacing dark crimson in some of the darkest corners on the backstreets.

Victoria's landscapes naturally evolved from this to a more fluid expressionist style. More semi abstract in method, the next series explored similar themes but weren't as representational.


Most of the landscape paintings belong in private collections 





Malvern Theatre Gallery

Chipping Norton Theatre Gallery



Artweeks, The Art Cafe Oxford


OYAP Studio2, Women in Art


Truman Brewery Gallery, London

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